I’m A Princess

And you better treat me that way:

Worship My Royal Hiney HD
I’m the princess in my kingdom and you are a mere peasant boy. Go pick my potatoes out of my garden and kiss my royal ass! You think you are good enough to touch my perfect butt? No! You will never get to touch it or me. I have a line of princes that are dying to touch it and I will only pick a select few of them. So don’t even think you have a chance! Ha ha! Maybe I will let you, but you better prove to me you are worthy. Most likely you will fail as you are a a Looser! I have the most perfect round little bubble butt. Everyone wants me, but you can’t have me! Go ahead Looser, try and prove your worthiness.
Tickling Tootsies HD
I get what I want because I am a Princess. Today, I want you to tickle my feet! You must prove your worthiness because you are a peasant and I only let princes tickle and tickle my feet! You don’t believe me? Ha! I have my beautiful princess outfit on that includes my tiara! You are just a little troll and you will never get to touch me. Maybe if you prove your worthiness, but I doubt that Looser! I’m precious and I have a swarm of princes that are begging me to let them touch and tickle me! So start begging and prove yourself if you ever think you stand a chance! Ha Ha Ha!!! You can’t touch me!

My Tiny Princess Feet HD
All of those in my kingdom that feel they are worthy have an awesome chance to worship my tiny feet. Watch them wiggle in my socks as you enjoy every inch of them. C’mon now don’t be shy….. Your princess hates to wait!!!
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My Adventure With Mr Ties Begins


We drove across sunny Florida early in the afternoon and got to JW’s around 2 I think. With all our prior conversations and the list I had carefully though out to explore I was pretty nervous, as usual around him, so he started me off with some flogging and spanking before choking me for the first time. I was shocked to become so aroused so quickly from his treatment and bit my lip in pleasure. He explored my desires that night til we covered Candle wax and ice play plus a few orgasms of course. We finished up for the day and he drove me back to the hotel so I could get a good nights rest.  When I got there I couldn’t wait to tell Shae all about my kinky adventures so far.

After a bit of spanking, tickling and handjobs the night before I was raring to go when JW picked me up in the morning but he wanted to take some time to relax me more. We went to a few outdoor locations and took some pretty hot pictures which got me even more anxious. By the time we got back to the house I couldn’t contain my excitement. Mr Ties put me in a little princess costume and had me tease the camera alot which kept me wondering when he was going to spank me again, I was really hot for it too. When he finally tied me to the bench to tease my willing body it didn’t take long for him to give me several orgasms. I really love it when someone else is in control apparently, or maybe it’s just him.

Mr Ties gentle but firm touch excited my body to the point where I begged him to have sex with me while he tickled me which he couldn’t resist. First he fucked my mouth and almost made me gag then he slowly slid between my legs and parted my lips with the head of his penis. He teased and tickled me which kept him from entering me then suddenly he was inside me and I felt a familiar wetness as I orgasmed hard. His hardness felt so comforting it was almost orgasmic by itself. Mr Ties began to tickle me while he fucked me and the mixture of sensations almost made me lose my mind. When he used the Hitachi too I definitely lost it. After almost 30 minutes Mr Ties decided I’d had enough for the time being and we moved on to many other things you have to look at DaisySummers.com and see. You have no idea how crazy things got that weekend.



I didn’t even expect to shoot with J-Mac that morning — in fact I was scared of the day I eventually would have to! Ever since I arrived to Florida, people were telling me how um…”well-endowed” these porn guys are, and they weren’t lying.
I got to Reality Kings at 10:00 A.M. for hair, makeup, and wardrobe when I heard that the model for the other shoot wasn’t coming in. I thought, hey no big deal they’ll just cancel that or find another model; I still have my shoot. After waiting around in the studio for about half an hour they then told me the terrifying news: I was shooting Money Talks with J-Mac. NO. NO NO NO NO NO. Obviously I didn’t say no to it — Reality Kings knew my situation (the whole just loosing my virginity thing) and they would make sure I wouldn’t get hurt…but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t freaking out. I swear I probably looked like a crazy deer in headlights that whole morning. After I found out, everyone kept trying to reassure me that J-Mac wasn’t really that big. Puh-LEASEEEEE. I’ve seen pictures, been told by multiple people about his size, been told how porn guys fuck…I didn’t even know what to do with myself. Remember, I’ve only had sex two times before this — my deflowering with Mr. Ties and once doing My GF with Reality Kings (and the guys for My GF are amateurs not pornstars).
So there I was sitting in the makeup chair, not saying a word and just staring at the wall with a million thoughts racing through my head. Is he going to fit? Is it going to hurt? How bad is it going to hurt? Will I be able to pull through the pain and get a good shoot? Is he going to be nice? What if he gets carried away and starts going at it like a rabbit? WHAT IF IT HURTS?!

Yes I Really Did

daisy virgin desperate

For those of you that are wondering, this story is completely true:

Dancer and Webcam model Daisy Summers had never been with a man and made the very unique decision to give up her virginity on film. Somehow or another we managed to get this beautiful Korean and Russian beauty to do it for us. This is a look at the moments before she loses her virginity to JW including getting her make-up ready and a glamour style photo shoot to capture her innocence one final time. Daisy is pretty nervous and unsure of herself at times during the shoot but when the moment finally happened I believe she truly enjoyed herself quite a bit.

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So 2 weeks later I wound up back at JW’s place to explore my newfound kinky desires and we spent the weekend doing amazing things I’ll be posting pics and commentary about soon. This is Sooooo Cool!!!;)